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Triangle Direct Media or: http://www.triangledirect.com/

They promise to sell you back links to your web site to improve your rankings in the search engines. They charge you per link and force you to buy a minimum of 100 links each month for at least 3 months.

Makes sense since it can take a while to get indexed. Well - we were sold and began the process of them taking our money and posting our link on poor quality sites. After a few months we went from a top ranking in google to now be listed o n Page 5 - basically the wiped us off the google map.

When we approached them about this several times we were told we needed to now purchase their site audit at an additional cost. Stay away from www.triangledirect.com adn whatever you do - DO NOT sign a contract with www.triangledirect.com!

Monetary Loss: $5000.


London, England, United Kingdom #777650

So sick! Why is the internet so dangerous, it should be somehow controlled my a special unit enforced by the police to let people use the internet in peace and safety!

Georg A.


I didn't hire them to do work but they are extremely annoying and sound somewhat desperate. They have called 2-3 times week since the initial phone call and are still sending me bogus stats for their so called tracking software.

I told them at first we couldn't afford their pricing but still received phone calls.

Also the VoIP they use is obviously as budget as it comes as it sounded like I was talking to someone in the middle of woods.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #670412

I've had a bad experience with their social marketing. Similar hard sell, $6000 contract, no sales, but lots of likes. I just wonder how many are real likes.


These reviews are a joke. TDM is one of the best SEO and marketing companies in the industry and have a huge clientele list that is super happy with their work. Any site that allows anonymous posts and then requires money to take them down is a total scam itself.


Triangle Direct Media is an amazing company. They have done hours of pro-bono work for our organization, donating their time and expertise.

We have been honored to have them assist us with press releases, search engine optimization, etc... they've helped us spread awareness for the cause of ending child slavery in a highly professional and satisfactory manor!

Thanks TDM, we'd use you again in a heartbeat! No scams here, only great customer service, top-level experience, and priceless expertise!


i am a studdering fool and have no idea how to do my job, plus i am sleeping with my co-workers wife so i got that going for m,ma,me.


I am an actual employee of TDM and have been working there for many years. The working environment is professional and clean.

Management goes above and beyond to help and make sure that employees have the adequate tools necessary to do the job(s) at hand. I know first hand that the services TDM provides are top notch in this industry. We get great results. We have excellent clients.

We continue to grow despite this ultra competitive industry and are always looking for new technologies that can help keep our clients ahead of the competition. We made the Inc 500 list so we are clearly doing something right. This is a 100% true post and wanted to give some insight for people reading the other comments. I plan on working here for many more years to come.

It is a great place to work. We have a solid business model, happy clients with data to back it up.


I am the REAL Keith Boutwell, one of the Co-founders. I would love to know who posted my name and made some of the fraudulent claims in the previous comment.

We are EXTENSIVELY looking into this thread and will continue to figure out who started this as it's clearly made up by an ex-employee or a competitor. It's unfortunate that comments and threads like this, in which you can log on, post a comment and sign it anonymously, can be started anywhere online to any company....but it goes too far when you use a name of someone who actually works there. In this case, mine.

We've worked very hard over the years to grow our company and create superior services for our clients and we will continue to do so. Thanks.

to Keith Boutwell #1377040

Uh Huh, how is that extensive search going? Maybe you should look for the Simpson and Goldman killer while you are at it.


These guys are a joke and have shady operations, they have employee turnover like no other and run the place like a "good ole boys club". If you aren't a part of their little club than run!

They have several employees that I have interviewed and their responses were all the same.

Many of them stating that the office environment is the most unprofessional they have ever seen causing anxiety and a stressful work environment. I have also spoken with several of their clients and they all admit they have seen improvement but not worth the cost of their services


I worked with them 3 years ago and had success across the board on every term we wanted. We talked about the strategy with a leading SEO firm and they confirmed that what we did with TDM worked extremely well. Don't understand the negative comments - their competitors?



Do you need further proof pissedconsumer.com reviews are completely fake? Just look at the person who posted this, Mister "Sarauk" posted complaints against exactly 50 companies.

Does this guy have no life? the worst consumer luck ever? or... is a fake profile writing bogus reviews extorting real companies out of money.

Funny, How there's multiple banks on his complaint list...how many banks do most people use?


I disagree.

I had a completely positive experience with Triangle Direct Media. Like many of you, I was contacted by them out of the blue...and *** YEAH, of course I was skeptical...but our website was on the fast track to nowhere if we didn't try something...so I just decided to take a leap of faith for once, and I'm glad I did. They did exactly what they told us they'd do...got us on the front page of Google, #2 or #3 within about 2 months.

Here's the thing though... we targeted the appropriate keywords for our business, and we have arguably one of the best websites on the internet for the merchandise we sell, so we deserve to be where we are on Google. And we are not in a business that's ridiculously oversaturated like say, wireless phones or jewelry.

So my advice is be realistic with your expectations, do your research, ask a lot of questions, and be wary of reviews you read on the internet!

There's one scam artist on this page, and it's pissedcomsumer.com. We've used triangedirect for years in a very competitive field and we dominate. If all of you negative reviews are legitimate, why the anonymity? stand behind your negative review and post your website.

A point to consider for anyone considering using triangle direct, or any other business listed on this site>>>


These people have been contacting us for over a year and every time we say no. They just keep calling after multiple attempts to get us removed from their databases. They border on harassment, it is quite annoying.

Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa #140456

I have personally seen success stories myself. Im not sure what was structurally wrong with your sites, but the on-page has a huge impact as well.

Those additional services are well worth it, Im shocked you wouldnt consider at least a demo of the architectural software.

These guys are exactly what this industry needs! Some folks just have to whine, look in the mirror.

this whole site (PC) is full of fake reviews and unverified information. Anyone can say anything they want here..

its a joke. Don't base any decision on any company or product on this site.. its simply a scam to get ad revenue... I'm sure many companies here will band together and sue PC soon.

In the meantime .. watch out your company will be next.. oh yea they also do reputation management..

wow go figure... :)

If you like your money - stay away from www.triangledirect.com I learned my lesson the hard way and it cost me many thousands of dollars. www.triangledirect.com are professional scammmers.


They did a lot of damage to my rankings - gave me the same sone and dance as above - "You need to buy our other services" they said.

www.triangledirect.com - crooks


Dont waste your money on www.triangledirect.com

Same here - got thhe hard sell and they actually hurt my rankings - told me I needed to buy their "other" services in order for it to work. :cry :cry :( :( :(
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